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September, 16th
Hey guys, announced cover and tracklist for our upcoming album. The new album is gonna be called One More Fight, one more chance to get on the road again, to live crazy adventures and do what we love most.

ONE MORE FIGHT, will be released on October 15th.
Pre-Sale available on September 17th!


1. Anthem Of The Broken
2. Kickbacks
3. Consequences
4. Now Or Never
5. We Are Strong
6. Another Day
7. Best Days of Our Lives
8. Revolution
9. End Of The World
10. Crazy Youth Gone Wild

Listen to the new single Consequences on Spotify:
Buy Consequences on iTunes:
August, 10th
Get the new tees on DAYLIGHTMERCH.COM
August, 6th
2 COOL 4 SCHOOL (JP Edition) came out today on Bullion Records, get it in your nearest record store.
We visited Tower Records where we signed our panel, just next to Pennywise and Rise Against! BOMB!

Available on:
August, 3rd
JAPAN TOUR 2014 is on!
We made it safely to this crazy island. Can't wait tonight to perform the first gig in Nagoya! +Info about tickets and gigs on the Tour tab!
July, 28th
Having a couple of days of in China is GOLD!
Here are the Longmen Grouttes in Louyang, hanging out with the Budha!
July, 25th
No words to descrive what happened last night!
Co-Headlining Zebra Music Festival 2014 has been a dream come true. Thanks to everyone who came over to see us :)
July, 18th
ZEBRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014 is happening next week in Shanghai.
Make sure to watch it live on Shanghai TV. We're up on Main Stage at 20:15!
July, 17th
We are proud to be part of the VANS CLOTHING family!
Got some goodies at their headquarters in Shanghai we'll be rocking during the rest of the tour. Thanks for the support!

July, 12th
CHINA TOUR it's being HUGE! We didn't visit you shince 2012, and definitely it's been too long. 25 days performing 23 gigs gotta be exhausting, but it's worth every single sweat drop. Coming to your city in 3...2...1...!
July, 1st
Here's the final step of a long journey that already started 2 years ago. Since then we've been working hard to bring back the best of ourselves.

Stream & buy Consequences on:

June, 28th
Only 48 hours left until the release of the music video for CONSEQUENCES, the single of our upcoming album. Available for purchase & streaming on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.
June, 25th
Worldwide premiere on our Youtube channel!
Get Ready.
June, 19th
CHINA TOUR 2014 - 2014中国巡演
This July we're heading straight to Asia, for our second time, to perform some crazy gigs in China. 让我们的党!

11th July - Dalian 大连 - HERTZ
12th July - Shenyang 沈阳 - MEIDIQI
13th July - Beijing 北京 - Tempre Bar
14th July - Xinxiang 新乡 - ARK
15th July - Changsha 长沙 - 46 LIVE
16th July - Guangzhou 广州 - T:UNION
17th July - Shenzhen 深圳 - HONGTANGGUAN
18th July - Chengdu 成都 - Little Bar
19th July - Chongqing 重庆 - Nuts
20th July - Lanzhou 兰州 - Kui LIVE
21th July - Xi'An 西安 - Aperture
22th July - Luoyang 洛阳 - The Roof
23th July - Zhengzhou 郑州 - 7 LIVE
25th July - Shanghai 上海 - TBA*
26th July - Wuhan 武汉 - VOX OK
27th July - Nanchang 南昌 - Black Iron
29th July - Hangzhou 杭州 - 9 Club
30th July - Shanghai 上海 - YUYINTANG
31th July - Suzhou 苏州 - WAVE

Tickets & Presale
More info & dates to be anounced soon!
June, 10th
We're crazy happy to announce we will be touring Japan for the first time ever. 党ましょう!

07th Aug - Sakae Rad - Nagoya, Aichi
08th Aug - Nakatsugawa Breath - Nakatsugawa, Gifu
09th Aug - Shibuya Game - Shibuya, Tokyo
10th Aug - Shinjuku Nine Spices - Shinjuku, Tokyo
11th Aug - Shinjuku Nishiguchi Ongakukan - Shinjuku, Tokyo
12th Aug - Niigata Golden Pigs Black Stage - Niigata
13th Aug - Shinsaibashi Shinkagura - Osaka

Our upcoming album will be released in Japan trough Bullion records. Presale will be up shortly!
April, 23rd
Today this band turned 10. So many good memories behind all this years together. We all still remember when we were only 15 and started making noise in Victor's basement, the first show in highschool, the first headlining tour back in 2008, our first music video, our first full length, the first time we heard our songs on the radio, and all the adventures we've lived through all this time together.
And well...this is just the begining!
April, 10th
A whole month has gone by, so much pizza, italian wine and some time closed down in Fusix Studio recording all tracks. We're more than happy of the process and even more about the results.
Confident to say this is going to be our best album so far but still can't anounce the release date as long there's a lot of work to do.

We will be posting all news on our social networks:
March, 16th
Victor, our crazy drummer, joined the DS DRUMS Family. Custom made Drumsets from Torino, Italy. This kit, shells and hardware are exclusively built for his requirements and following the highest standards.
This is the kit that we used on our new album.
We're thrilled and proud to be endorsed by the best European Custom Drum company.
March, 10th
Long time without any really important news. Must say this last year has been really tough for us as a band but we're happy to anounce that we're already back in studio tracking what it's going to be our new album. Gonna work again with Andrea Fusini in Torino, Italy during this next month. Good vibes arround!

We need to anounce that Will our former singer is no longer in the band, Wojtek & Olek are going to take the vocal control of the band and we all will continue to make music together. Check the complete explanation in the video above.

Thanks for all your unconditional support through the years :)
July, 23rd
We just got our custom guitar & bass picks from INTUNE GP
We're proud of being part of the INTUNE GP family, the best custom picks around.
Can't wait to rock'em live
June, 30th
We will be performing this year's HEY OH! Festival in Guadalajara. Sharing stage along with great bands like The Ataris, Allison & Delux. Get your tickets at
More Mexico dates will be anounced during the next weeks. More info at
May, 29th
Want to dig into all the adventures we had during our CHINA TOUR?
Here's a mini-documentary where you'll see lots of chop sticks, noodles, language barriers and all the 15 gigs we did during August 2012 in the PR of China. Enjoy :)
May, 14th
We restocked and improved our infamous Party Sunglasses. UV400 protection and 3 colors to choose from. Ready for the Summer Season? Get your Daylight wayfarer shades at DAYLIGHT MERCH STORE!
Limited availability.
April, 30th
Thanks to everyone who hanged out with us at Groezrock 2013! Such a blast to perform on the same lineup with some of the coolest bands ever. A dream come true thanks to the people at Macbeth Footwear and Blackstar Amplification. Thanks Belgium!
March, 20th
Proud to anounce that we will be performing on this year's Groezrock Festival in Belgium. Can't explain how happy and thankful we are to everyone who gave us their vote and helped us to reach the 2nd position in the ranking.
So if you're arround the 28th of April, don't forget to party with us at the Macbeth Stage at 3:30 PM, we'll rock it out!.

Get your tickets and check the bands playing at
January, 14th
Hey Kids! The new United Hearts Hoodie just arrived to the Daylight HQ.
Now available at our online merchstore and shipping worldwide!

Grab yourself one before we run out of stock.
December, 31st
Sometimes when you look back and you realise that many of our dreams came true during this year, you feel fortunate. Fortunate to be in a band, fortunate to perform worldwide and fortunate to reach your aspirations day by day

We started releasing My Seventeen, our new single, that hit the top charts in the Spanish media. It's music video reached further than any other we've ever done.
We also had the chance to tour with one of the biggest pop-punk bands ever: MXPX.
During August, we traveled to China, to live another amazing adventure. Performing so far away from home is something we wanted to experience, and didn't expect to have such an insane feedback. A videoblog we're workin' on, will be released soon! :)

There's a lot of reasons we're happy about, but the most important is the unconditional support from everyone listening to our music and helpin' us to grow as a band. That's why, we wanna wish you an Happy XMas and a Rockin' New Year 2013!

Thank You/Gracias/ありがとう/谢谢
October, 26th
NEW VIDEO! here's our Euro-Russian videoblog.
Crazy adventures, freezing temperatures, huge hangovers and insane gigs. Can't wait to tour Europe and Russia again!

Daylight is on Instagram! We'll try to upload as much pictures as posible. Follow Us: @daylightbcn
October, 10th
We're happy to anounce that our new music video for My Seventeen is now broadcasting on Spanish major media. You will be able to watch our stuff on MTV, RAC105TV & 40TV

But not happy enough, we also managed to reach some international media, check us on KVLT, an Indonesian magazine!
September, 17th
We had wedding this weekend, got drunk and partied till the mornin' light!
We also performed two special songs for the fortunate ones!
Before I forget, we've got really rad news coming on, so stay tuned and don't forget to like us on our facebook profile to be up to date.
September, 3rd
We're BACK!

The China Tour was insane! 16 gigs all arround the country with crazy crowds and living adventures that we will never forget.
From here, we wanna thank every single person that came to our shows and had fun. We promise to come back as soon as posible!

Here you've got a caption from Yoga Midi Festival 2012 we performed in Guiyang (贵阳).